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BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag dylinoshop

BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag

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BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag

Your perfect buddy for grilling!

Are you tired of dealing with cleaning the grill? 

 We have the barbeque mesh grilling bag that has an advanced stick-proof material that prevents food from sticking on the grill. It also keeps the food evenly heated for better grilling.

BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag


Consistently used. You can safely use the bag for a long time at temperatures 260 °C and below.

Safe to use. During the process of grilling, you may leave the bag, and the non- sticky substances can be easily separated from the container.

Easily moved. The smoke will simply travel through the mesh to add more flavor and keep the grill clean.

Reusable. Use the bag as many times as you want. It doesn't get ripped easily. 

Environmentally friendly materials. Non-toxic, easy to clean, and odorless.



Barbeque Carbon type: Charcoal

Feature: Easily cleaned

Accessory type: Meshes

Sizes: A- 22 X 27cm ; B- 14 X 22cm

Package Inclusion:
1× Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag


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