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Broken screw extractor faucet triangle valve broken wire dylinoshop

Broken screw extractor faucet triangle valve broken wire

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FEATURES: Reliable Quality- Made from carbon steel and are tempered twice for extra hardness and durability. Works on wood and machine screws, as well as flat, hex, or painted over screws.

Different sizes of screw extractors to meet different needs.

Remove Damaged Screws Bolts And Water Pipes - These extractors will remove most kinds of damaged, stripped, rusted, broken, or stuck screws from any wood or metal surface with relative ease.

It can remove some of the common screwdrivers that can not be disassembled damaged bolts, screws, bolts, and pipes. Reverse thread bits easily remove screws, bolts, studs, and threaded pipe fittings.


Material: carbon steel


1xBroken screw extractor

6-piece tap set

1#Specification: 4.0mm Use range: 3-6mm
2#Specification: 4.5mm Use range: 6-8mm
3#Specification: 6.5mm Use range: 8-11mm
4#Specification: 7.5mm Use range: 11-14mm
5# Specification: 11.0mm Use range: 14-18mm
6#Specification: 15.0mm Use range: 18-22mm
Removable head screw
Take-out range: 3-22mm

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