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LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop
LAPTOP TRI SCREEN - dylinoshop


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Portable Triple Screen Laptop Workstation

Instantly add two screens to any laptop and boost your productivity while working anywhere.

UPERFECT is a multifunctional and portable dual screen laptop monitor, which allows you to build your personal mobile workstation quickly. UPERFECT is well-designed as a productivity tool which can turn your one-screen laptop into a triple-screen one. Thanks to our technical team, they combined two nice screens together. This means UPERFECT can improve your work efficiency by 50%.


While working on our laptop, 2 seconds per minute would be wasted by switching between windows and applications. File errors, data confusion, program crash can always make users go crazy!

An external display is not only hard-installing, but also not portable. So trust in UPERFECT, a multifunctional, handy, low-priced mobile dual screen monitor. Your time and money should not be wasted or dealing with so many complicated external devices!

Plug in a USB-C cable and start your work, UPERFECT is just that simple.

Multiple Display Modes

UPERFECTis multi-mode. You can choose to display the same or different content on your three screens. Also, you can connect other external video input devices, which means UPERFECTcan handle multiple situations in your daily life.

Applicable operating systems: MacOS/Windows/Android/Chrome/Linux

HD Display For A Wide Range Of Applications

UPERFECT fits 13-17 inches laptop. What's better is that the two screens can adjust parameters separately. UPERFECT carries two 12 inches 16:9 FHD high-definition display with a resolution of 1080P/60Hz (1920*1080P). With these nice screens, you can run all kinds of software on all three screens at a very nice picture quality. No matter you want to do painting, 3D modeling or just watch a 1080P video. UPERFECT can afford all your needs.

Adjustable Screen Parameters

As was said before, the screen parameters of each screen can be adjusted separately. The adjustable parameters include brightness, color, scene mode , DCR(Dynamic Contrast), Sharpness, HUE, saturation, backlight, color temp, language, ASPECT, auto powerdown, wide dynamic mode, volume, etc. Totally 30 adjustable parameters.

High Brightness & Energy Saving

Two 220 CD/㎡ brightness, matte Wled backlight, IPS panel wide viewing angle technological screen can insure a wide-angle view. This means you can enjoy a great sight at multiple angles without distortion. Also, UPERFECT has an Energy Star Rating level, so it will consume very little power of your laptop. A single screen power is 5 W, which makes sure you can have a longer use time even powered by your laptop.

Foldable & Multi-View

The two screens has a large rotation angle of 202°. This means you can choose the best viewing angel in any situation. If you want two of your friends to watch at the same time. It can perfectly meet your need.

Durable & Wear-Resistant

UPERFECT is made of high quality industrial materials and can withstand the wear and tear of carrying with the laptop computers. It has passed 10,000+ times of repeated folding fatigue tests and can be used for at least 5 years or longer.

Compact & Portable

With 2.93 pounds weight and 315*215*39mm size. UPERFECT has the similar weight and size as your Macbook Air. Of this specification, you can easily carry it in your backpack. Imagine you have a complete personal workstation in a coffee shop. Wow, that’s cool.

Mobile Phone Projector + Microcomputer

UPERFECT can not only connect to a computer, but also a mobile phone through Type-C to realize the conversion of mobile phone mode/computer mode, so that the mobile phone can become a computer in a few seconds. After connection, the content displayed by the mobile phone can be projected on the screen, or the mobile phone can be used as a microcomputer to operate on the screen like a computer. Currently, this function supports Huawei EMUI and Samsung DEX.

Powerful Scalability

UPERFECT is equipped with USB/HDMI/TYPE-C*2 port, as long as it is a TPYE-C laptop with a signal + power supply combo, UPERFECT can achieve a one-line connection display. The multi-port setting allows UPERFECT to charge and video display at the same time. This means UPERFECT can meet the needs of long-term applications. Meanwhile, UPERFECT can be equipped with various power-consuming external devices, the screen can provide power, and you do not need to connect various cumbersome chargers.

What’s your return policy?

All returns must be processed within 15 days of receiving the order.

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It uses 13-inches, 16:9 FHD high-definition display with a resolution of 1080P/60HZ (1920*1080P), which is closer to the laptop screen, ensure that everything you see is clear.

UPERFECT's built-in stand can be adapted to the 13 inches -16.5 inches less laptop shell, and each screen can be individually adjusted to set the display parameters.

Works with almost any laptop: Universal accessories can easily connect to any laptop. 

Extremely compact & portable: so slim it can stay on your laptop even when you aren’t using it.

Remarkably lightweight at only 2 pounds: it weighs less than half of a standard laptop.

Compatible with every OS: No matter the OS you run, it’s consistent. (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, etc.) 

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