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Digital Wireless Food Thermometer dylinoshop
Digital Wireless Food Thermometer dylinoshop

Digital Wireless Food Thermometer

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Do you like cooking meat? Do you like the good cooking of your meat?

But at each family meal, you fear the moment when you will taste the roast... some people find it too cooked, too dry… .

The secret of a successful Thanksgiving!

You have seen a lot of tutorials on YouTube that explain how and at what temperature to cook your meats....

Great! you managed to cook 1 steak but not the desired cooking and you lost 1 hour of your time....

From now on, it's history!

  • Save time and compliments.

  • The cooking of the meat will always be perfect.

  • With your digital meat thermometer and wireless,  prepare your roast becomes easy and your guests will be amazed.

  • Make multitasking, storage, cleaning and cooking easier at the same time.

  • Your thermometer ensures perfect and controlled cooking.

  • Cook in peace...Avoid overstretching in the preparation of all dishes.

  • Preparing your roast pork or turkey becomes a real pleasure with this thermometer.

  • Don't go every 10 minutes to see your roast.

  • You no longer have to choose between watching your roast and having a drink with your friends. Do both!

  • Don't stay stuck in front of the oven, continue your other preparations in the kitchen thanks to wireless.

  • Take your roast out of the oven and directly on the table, it’s hot and well coocked

  • The meat thermometer is digital and wireless.

  • Simple and colourful operation.

  • Several programming modes, depending on the meat and the type of cooking desired (rare, medium, cooked or well cooked).

  • Temperature mode: Celsius or Fahrenheit

Think of those long afternoons of cooking before your Thanksgiving meal, you follow one dish after another and you must always interrupt your preparations to monitor the cooking of your turkey.

With your thermometer, you can continue your other preparations with peace of mind because you are sure that your meat will be deliciously well cooked

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