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Nepalese Wooden Mala Beads Necklace Buddha Trends

Nepalese Wooden Mala Beads Necklace

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 The spiritual and rustic fashion of Nepal is embodied in our Nepalese Wooden Mala Beads Necklace. Wooden and yellow agate beads combine the colorful culture of Nepal with the beauty of Nepalese nature to create a boho/hippie statement piece that you can wear day-to-day. Pair this necklace with solid prints and neutral tones to let this necklace stand apart from your ensemble and to style it as a conversation piece. You will meet many who will want to know, "Where did you get that necklace?"


  • Chain: Strand
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Material: Wood. yellow agate
  • Style: Nepal


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