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Water Stopper dylinoshop
Water Stopper dylinoshop
Water Stopper dylinoshop
Water Stopper dylinoshop
Water Stopper dylinoshop

Water Stopper

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Effectively Block Water Flow & Keep Water Inside Threshold Easily

Still tired of water flowing in the bathroom and kitchen? Install this Water Stopper, the water will no longer flow. The long, flexible design creates all sorts of shapes and keeps water inside the threshold.



  • SHOWER BARRIER & RETENTION SYSTEM: This shower water stopper contains water inside the shower threshold, reducing the possibility of slips and falls outside the shower, and directs it where it belongs – the drain. Soft and doesn't hurt your feet, ensure no one gets hurt from it. Suitable for toilets, showers, washing machines, kitchen sinks, washing tables, floors, etc.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Water containment risks go beyond injuries caused by slips and falls. Even a small amount of escaped water can cause expensive damage: Mold, mildew, rot...The list goes on. It’s much less costly to protect yourself with a professional-grade water stopper now than deal with the inevitable mess and expense later.

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION AND USE: Wipe off the water and dust on the floor. Determine the location of the water retaining strip. Remove the double-sided tape and stick the water retaining strip to the ground. Firmly press the strip after installation.

  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL: Environment-friendly, waterproof, mildew-proof, Silicone material is resistant to high and low temperatures. Effectively blocking water flow and does not deform.

  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: You can bend this bendable strip according to your needs. It can be added to a new or existing shower (whether composite, tile or any other material) in a matter of minutes.

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